Lighthouse Painting


A little painting from a youtube tutorial from Clive 5 Art. Ready to start a new one today.


Paracord Bracelet

Made this Paracord bracelet the other day and had a request for a tutorial on it. Went through a search for other bracelets made this way and was unable to find anything like it. So here we go. This is the instructions for a 7 1/2 inch bracelet. Used about three feet of cord for the core, six feet of each color joined for the weave.Started with a four strand core on the jig with a small buckle.


The reason I use this core is because I am not a big fan of cows hitch knots on the core, like the clean look and less transition between the weave and the buckle. Use what makes you feel good. Join two pieces of 6 feet of cord together in the colors you want for the weave. Weave the cord into the buckle between the core strands.

Core setup

Pull it thru until the fuse joint is up against the buckle.

Core setup 1

Move the working ends between the core strands.

Core setup 2

Start tying a cobra stitch.

First stitch

Take the working end on the left and go over the core through the loop on the right. Back under the core and through the loop on the left as shown.

First stitch 1

Tighten the original cobra knot first. Pushing it tight to the buckle.


First stitch 2

Then tighten the extra loop that was made.

First stitch 3

Start a cobra knot for the second stitch.

Second stitch_

Take the working end on the left and go under the core, over the core and back through the loop on the left.

Second stitch 1

Tighten the original cobra stitch.

Second stitch 2

Now tighten the loop that was made.

Second stitch 3

You may have to massage the cord over next to the core to get it to lay right. Keep repeating this knot sequence until you get to the end.


Repeat 1


When you take it off the jig after final tightening the working ends exit the weave on different sides.


To make it look a little cleaner, you loosen the last knot and weave the working end under the weave.


Tighten the last knot back up and now both the working ends are exiting the knot in the same location.




And singe.


And then massage the knots until they are uniform.


When I finished this weave I had a little over one foot of cord left of each color. Your mileage may vary as I have a tendency to tie my weaves very tight. Hope this helps.