Free cookie with a surprise

As far back as I can remember, I have had a love of cherry pies. But no matter who made the pie, my luck was in finding a pit in almost every piece of cherry pie that I ate. It became a running joke in our house when I was younger and carries on to this day. Now it has been a few years since I have partaken of a piece of cherry pie. Last week at work one of the ladies who works in the same office baked some goodies the night before and brought them in to share. She had made some cupcakes and some cookies. I ate one of the cupcakes and did not even look at the cookies. Later in the day one of the young men that works with me was commenting on the cookies. So naturally I had to see what kind they were. They were like little pie crusts with cherry filling in them. Well my sweet tooth and my love of cherries won out and I put one in my mouth to enjoy it. Yep, three cherries on top of a cookie and I found one with a pit still in it. I have not lost my touch 🙂


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