Road Trip

The photo club in town decided to go on an outing to a ghost town a couple of weeks ago. Since work has been so hectic lately it sounded like a good way to relieve some stress. The drive would take close to 4 hours each way. The rest of the group was leaving at 6 in the morning, but sometimes us older folks need a little more time to get in gear in the mornings. So we did not get on the road till 8. We took a couple of detours along the way to visit places that we drive by most of the time. One place we spent a little time at was this little waterfall nestled in the trees. For years people have been coming here to wander around and take pictures. How do you find a new angle to shoot waterfalls from when so many have come before you to do the same thing? I will have to go back to this place when we have more time to see if I can find the answer to that question. But I will leave you with this photo that hundreds of others before me have taken. This is the falls that we visited in case anyone wants more info about it.


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