Topaz Clarity

Topaz clarity test picture


Signed up to be a beta tester for a new photo editing software that Topaz Labs is developing. Yesterday was a very bad day for me, pain wise, So I was unable to get out and be productive and take new pictures. So reworking an older shot was the direction that I took. Used Lightroom 4 to bring the exposure down in the lower right hand corner, it was a little bit to bright. This caused some slight haloing to show up around the edges. Opened the image in Clarity and used two different presets to enhance the leaf and draw out the colors and the texture. The program so far is easy to use and straight forward in the workflow. The preset categories have not received a lot of presets yet but the ones that they have so far offer some good choices. They are still working on some of the bugs in the program, but so far I have only found one so far while using the program. They have some very good programs available for photo enhancements, check them out and try some of the programs to judge for yourself at .

My arms are still tingling and numb today, lower back is still in a lot of pain. There are so many options for shooting today, there is a rose garden in town that would be great to spend some time in today. We had a light rain this morning and the wind is very calm, great day for getting wet flower shots. Hopefully I will be able to get out soon and chase some pictures. Until then I will spend some time working on some of my older shots if that is ok with everyone. Have a wonderful day and open your heart and spread some Love today.



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