Ash Kicker

Our daughter in law has been excited about this event for a few weeks now.

She works at a Starbucks store here in town and the Starbucks stores in the local area wanted to do a team run. The proceeds from the run go to charities, and from what I witnessed yesterday everyone had a good time. They met yesterday at the event and put on their green aprons and pasted some Starbucks stickers on their bodies and waited for the start of the run. Many sights were seen around the starting area including Bigfoot. This was also the 33rd anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens.

Bigfoot lives

The race had start times every half hour to keep the runners spaced out enough to keep the congestion down at the obstacles. With the start and finish lines right beside each other. We were able to see the clean runners waiting to start, and the not so clean runners finishing their race. Like this group who wanted a shot with Bigfoot. Mud and all.

Bigfoot and his Dinner

Their part of the race started at 12:30. I was able to position myself to get a shot of the runners bolting from the starting gate.

Starting line

They were somewhere back in that pack. After they left the start line I went over to some of the obstacles that were close to the start finish line. One was a pool of ice cold water with large ice cubes floating in it.

Ice Pool

As you can see they had to jump in one side of the pool and swim or walk under the net to continue on their way. The pool was about 3 feet deep. And floating ice blocks could be seen.


After leaving the ice pool they had to navigate down a muddy slope before continuing their journey.

Muddy pipes

The next obstacle was some watery, muddy pipes to crawl through.

Foam tent

Then off to the foam tent for a little impromptu bath.

Jesus help me

Then off to scale the wall which was wet a little muddy and soapy. There was a group that dressed up like Jesus and ran the race. That is one of the Jesus’s up on top of the wall trying to help others over the wall.

Outdoor Shower

Then off to the finish line and an outdoor shower to rinse some of the mud off.

Colorful Beauty Queens

Some of the outfits were very colorful, and yes we did see the Beauty Queens walking the course as we left. We would have stayed longer but some of us were in pain and ready to go home.

Everyone that we saw at the race were in a very good mood and having lots of fun. Hope we get to go next year. There were many more obstacles on the course but with my bad back and neck these were the only ones that I was able to see and photograph.


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