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Spent some time at church for a Taize service last night. They need to have them more than once a month. That is the way to Worship as far as I am concerned. Still have trouble sitting in the chairs, and it does distract me from the message. Managed to get this shot yesterday and spent some time with it this morning. The new version of Lightroom has some new tools that I have been exploring. The Radial Filter is one of the ones that is quickly becoming part of my work flow. Each new version of Lightroom brings tools that make my work flow easier and faster. I need to be able to go through my images quickly and find the sweet spot on each one quickly. Life is too short to spend all your time manipulating images. I would rather spend my time behind the camera working on my inner Peace.


2 thoughts on “Try it Again

  1. I can relate with the chairs! Our church has a sofa area at the back and I sit there during the service. I do feel a little less involved, like an observer, but at least I can go sometimes without too much pain.

    • I have been to this church three times in the last month, so they do not know much about me. I feel bad when I have to get up and hobble to my car and leave directly after the service. While they sit and have refreshments and converse. But at least we make an effort to go and feel the Love and Joy that is in the air. Hope the days become easier for you and less painful.

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