The days just blend together into one big mass of pain, hard to tell where one ends and another begins. Trying to look at the bright and cheerful side of things has gone beyond my reach, nowadays just trying to get through the day in the least amount of pain has become my goal.


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  1. I’m sorry to hear that 😦 I hope you have some help and some hope for finding a way to reduce or control it. I’m sure you have plenty of advice so I’ll just offer my sympathy and care.

    • No help at all from the doctors, they made it worse and then said they would not give me anything to help with the pain. They will not give pain pills because that causes brain damage. So I get to live with intense back and neck pain and figure out on my own how to live with it.

  2. That’s terrible and totally unacceptable! If they won’t provide medication, they should at least offer alternatives such as a pain clinic. I have heard that these are actually very helpful as they provide methods to deal with and live with pain which cannot be medicated. I would recommend that you try to get them to refer you to one.
    Back and neck pain is a tricky one and most GPs are too unspecialised to know what to do. They ought to refer you to a specialist, but even then sometimes all they can tell you to do is rest. It doesn’t help that you will be feeling very tense and angry over this poor treatment, which tends to make the neck tighten and will worsen the pain. Sometimes just making the pain go away for a short time with medication can provide enough relief that the problem will be lessened so I would also question their refusal to medicate. Can you try a second opinion or change doctors?
    Last year my doctor tried to sneakily change my pain/inflammation medication without even discussing it with me. I was furious because if I had not noticed, I would have had weeks of pain while the old stuff wore off before the new stuff kicked in, even if it had worked, as it took a while to find one which suited me years ago when I was first diagnosed with arthritis. I stormed down there ready to blast him with fury, but he calmly said that if I was aware of the risks and chose to keep my old medication that was fine! So maybe if you insist, saying you accept the risks you might find a doctor prepared to prescribe something. I would be wary of taking a very strong one for long though, because it is true that the side effects can be worse than the original condition. But sometimes the side effects are worth the risk, and if your quality of life is so bad then you might be able to persuade them to make an exception for your case.
    I know it is hard to be the squeaky wheel when you feel so ill, it is unfair that this is what we are forced to, but if you just accept it they will not realise it is causing you such a problem. It would be worth it if you could get some improvement, even if it is hard to do.

    • I have been having back pains for at least 20 years now. Went to a lot of doctors in this town for it and they all dismissed it or my favorite response from my general doctor “You are getting Old”. I had a heart attack 9 years ago and had three stints put in, I developed Atrial Fibrillation after the heart attack and none of the local doctors would offer me anything for it. A friend told me about a heart doctor in a town 40 miles away that I started seeing. When I started complaining to him about my back pains and the lack of care in this town he sent me to a doctor in his complex. He checked me over and sent me in for cat scans. My lower back and neck have herniated discs and there was a hairline fracture on one of the vertebra in the lower part of my back. He gave me some pain meds and some anti depressants and sent me to a back surgery specialist. The specialist sent his physicians assistant in to see me and she was one of the rudest doctors I have ever seen. She said there was nothing they could do for me. A couple of weeks later the pain got so bad that I could not get out of bed and go to work. So I called the back specialist and asked for an appointment to see them, once again I got the rude doctor who said “Nothing we can do for you”. So I called up the doctor who had sent them to me and got an appointment with him. He checked me over and gave me some more pain meds and referred me to a pain clinic and told me that he was leaving the complex to go work somewhere else. The pain clinic doctor put me on a different anti depressant and gave me a steroid shot in the neck, and then gave me multiple shots of ladacaine in the nerves in my lower back. The pain in my lower back went away for two days, so he scheduled me for an ablation treatment to kill the nerves that were causing the problem. The insurance company said that I had to have two injections in my back that were sucessful before they would pay for an ablation. After much arguing from the doctor and lots of time passing he finally gave me a second injection that had no effect on the pain. In the meantime my neck was getting worse and my arms were both having various problems. I told him about it and he said I needed to go back to the specialist and get it rechecked. He could prescribe a different anti depressant that he was sure would work for my lower back but he could not do an ablation for the pain. The back doctor did another mri and found that I needed surgery on my neck to remove the discs, fuse the vertebra and put in plates to hold it together. The surgery was done and my neck and arm pains grew worse everyday. The meds that the pain clinic had given me for my lower back were not doing anything but making me cry all day, called them up and they said stop taking them and they would consult the doctor about it. When we called back to see what the doctor had said about other options they said there was nothing they could do for me. On one of my check up trips to the doctor for my neck I told him about it and he sent me to another pain clinic. Went to the second pain clinic and after having to explain everything that had went on for the last year or so with treatment and my medical condition he prescribed some new meds to take. It took two weeks to get the pills, after 8 days the pills were causing my heart to race. Called the doctor and told them, they told me to stop the meds and get in and see them right away. And the doctor who I saw the first time was no longer with them. Went in and told the story of my life again and the doctor said it was all in my head and sent me to another pain clinic to see a Psychologist. And then informed me that he was leaving the pain clinic and would refer my case to another doctor in the group. The Psychologist talked to me for an hour and said I needed to be on pain meds and sent me back to the pain clinic I just came from. Went back to the pain clinic and told the story of my life to a third doctor in the same building and what the Psychologist had said. His response was that he could not give me pain meds because it would cause brain damage, and that I had tried all the other meds that they prescribe without any effect so he was not sure what to do to help me. On my next follow up appointment with the Psychologist, we talked for close to an hour and he said I need to quit chasing doctors, obviously there is nothing they can do for my problem. If I wanted to try physical therapy I could drive to his pain clinic each day (110 miles round trip) or he could have the doctor at the other pain clinic refer me for physical therapy in my city. I went with going to physical therapy in my city and waited fro the call to go in and start something. I recieved a call from an outfit that was 80 miles round trip from where I am at and told them no that was too far a drive and they said they would send the order back to the doctor to get me something closer. After two months of no phone calls we called the doctor to see what was going on. Since they obviously dropped the ball and did not follow through. They told us that it was our fault for not calling them immediately and I would have to come back in to see the doctor again before they could order anything. When we told them this was their fault and they needed to get it sorted out without a doctor visit, they said the doctor was on vacation and they would call us when he got back. That was over two weeks ago and we have had no reply since then. So one pain clinic that made the problem worse, one operation that made a problem where one did not exist before, three pain clinics and a whole lot of apathy later I have come to the conclusion that I will have to live with the pain as best as I can. Seems like there should be some answer out there for all the pain, Because this is really no way to live.

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