Paracord Bracelet


Have been working on Paracord projects for quite a while now, love when I find a new idea to make a clean looking bracelet.



Rugged Sanctified

One of the craft things that keeps me busy lately. And as I sit here to write a short page my mind goes off in another direction and I find it hard to think of what to say. So I guess I will just say to Love one another, feed your artistic side and enjoy life while it is here.

Paracord Watch Band and Camera Strap

I have started working with paracord, making bracelets. I have had ideas for a watch band and have been thinking about a strap for my camera. Started the watch band this morning. The leftover cord was long enough to make a strap for the camera. Might look a little funny having the long portion of the strap hanging on the wrist band. I may have to modify or retie a new strap for the camera in the future. Testing out whether this strap works sufficiently will be the first step.

Watch band

Be just my luck that the battery will die in the next few days and I will have to figure out how to change it without untying the whole thing.

Watch band camera strap

And I used Washington State University colors to make the strap, and watch band.