Old Trains

Old Train

Looks like they are finished with the renovation of this old train. A little too shiny now, but that is why we have programs to help us make the shot a little gritty.



B&W Dragonfly

Still alive. Not sure if I am living in a true sense of the word. Still breathing and once in a while I even manage to get the dust blown off the camera to take a shot or two. Then it just takes me some time to go through the shots and see which one might be worthy to share with the World. This little fella found a spot to camp in the berry bushes for a day or so, he was very gracious in letting me take a couple of dozen shots of him. Hope everyone is doing well, will see if I can make posting in here a habit again. Time will tell.



The days just blend together into one big mass of pain, hard to tell where one ends and another begins. Trying to look at the bright and cheerful side of things has gone beyond my reach, nowadays just trying to get through the day in the least amount of pain has become my goal.